Tales From The Ale Trail

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Tales From The Ale Trail

Year: 2019
Genre: Food
Host: Nik Mirka, Chris Treschak, Drew Williams

Warning: Craft beer lovers & travel enthusiasts should avoid watching Tales From The Ale Trail unless they desire to embark on epic journeys over Southern Ontario to deliver their taste buds a little pint of heaven. Tales From The Ale Trail is a high-energy, hilarious, hop-filled adventure hosted by three lifelong friends, Chris Treschak, Drew Williams & Nick Mirka who have an affinity for quality craft beer, scrumptious food, terrible dad puns & friendly competition.

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Season 2

Episode 1

The Boys quench their thirst for knowledge & craft beer by enrolling in the Brewmaster Program at Niagara College’s Teaching Brewery. They learn of the College’s massive impact on the craft beer scene, dabble in the College’s new gin & Artisan Distilling program, and have a lesson in the art of beer & food pairings.

Episode 2

The Boys are welcomed with open arms at Port Colborne’s only craft brewery, Breakwall Brewing Company, where they savour Breakwall’s many crushable beers & juicy burgers, and are treated like locals by competing in a friendly, stein-holding competition.

Episode 3

The Boys learn the sophistication of the craft lager while at Shawn & Ed Brewing Company in Dudas, Ontario. Their competitive spirits run high as they challenge each other in Jenga, Curling & the proper pronunciation of charcuterie.

Episode 4

The Boys feel right at home at Counterpart Brewing in Niagara Falls - where there’s a focus on beer, food & community. They dive nose deep in some lovely hazy beers & delectable house made cuisine before competing for the title of The Cornhole King. 

Episode 5

The Boys embark on a quest to drown their taste buds in a trifecta of Hamilton’s finest breweries, Grain & Grit Beer Co, Fairweather Brewing & Clifford Brewing all the while trying to characterize their beers through celebrity profiles. 

Episode 5

As the Boys’ Hamilton Pub Crawl continues & more beers are consumed, the Boys’ reluctant DD, Mark, gets increasingly tired of their shenanigans.

Season 1

Beers & Bikes

Boys chart a beerlicious bike route in Niagara On The Lake - profiling beer with celebrity personalities, chatting up brewmasters and dabbling in fine cuisine more sophisticated than they are.  

Paddles, Pints & Poses

The Boys dive into the beach culture of Port Dalhousie- drinking the beers of Lock Street Brewery, partaking in a beer yoga class and paddle boarding on Lake Ontario... Only one of which they are relatively good at. 

The Art of the Flight

The Boys delve into the art of craft beer flights at the oldest craft brewery in St. Catharines, The Merchant Ale House, and contend with a waiter who steals their delectable vegan donuts. 

Albino Rhino

The Boys attend a rowdy congregation of Ontario’s finest craft breweries at the Albino Rhino Beer Festival. It’s a day of dynamite beers, food trucks and a possible musical number.

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