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This week on WrestleCentre Voltage, the IFWA Heavyweight Champion JP Simms makes his return to the ring. As well, Julien Young is in action for the first time since getting choked out by Tommy Starr.
This week, wrestling legend 2 Cold Scorpio makes his WrestleCentre debut. As well, we see part two of the Mouse Trap Interview with Tommy Starr. Richard Shinary is also in action tonight!
WrestleCentre returns to Cape Breton for live in ring action! Tonight, Shane Stephen has a chance to prove he is worthy of the main event when he faces Speedball Mike Bailey. As well, we hear from Tommy Starr in a special Mouse Trap interview.
Nick Meyer and Chris Cass meet up once again at the Boardroom Game Cafe in Downtown Halifax to run down the IHWC Title picture in WrestleCentre.
This week, Nick Meyer and Chris Cass get together at the Boardroom Game Cafe in downtown Halifax to discuss the current IFWA Heavyweight Title situation in WrestleCentre.
'Matt Bullen has dominated WrestleCentre since the very beginning. Watch, as Matt Bullen proves why the wrestling business isn't for everyone as he eliminates the weak wrestlers from the WrestleCentre roster.'
This week on Voltage, we revisit Colt Cabana entering Richard Shinary's library. As well, two of the best in the world face off against each other when AJ Styles goes one on one against Christopher Daniels.
WrestleCentre Voltage returns for a fourth season on Fibe TV1. This week, we take a look back at some of the greatest matches that have taken place inside the WrestleCentre ring. This week, we see WWE Superstar Bobby Roode in action against Titus. As well, Julien Young competes against Markus Burke in WrestleCentre's first ever ladder match for the IHWC Title.
This week is the biggest night in WrestleCentre history. After two years of anticipation, Steve Arsenault finally goes one on one with JP Simms for the IFWA Heavyweight Championship. As well, Tommy Starr faces Mr Energy Julien Young in singles competition with the winner becoming the number one contender to Nick Diggz's IHWC Title.
This week's episode of Voltage is headlined by an IHWC Title match when Nick Diggz defends his title against Ryan Aiden. Video footage was discovered by investigator Chris Mint, which revealed Ryan Aiden as the guy who was secretly attacking Nick Diggz for the past six months. As well, Matt Bullen has assigned Jim Joyce to take Brett out of WrestleCentre once and for all.
Due to popular demand, WrestleCentre brings to TV1 its international Network TV debut for free. On this TV special, Matt Bullen runs the gauntlet against three other competitors. As well, witness the first installment of Shinary's Library with Richard Shinary and his guest, Colt Cabana.
Due to popular demand, WrestleCentre brings to TV1 its international Network TV debut for free. On this TV special, Matt Bullen runs the gauntlet against three other competitors. As well, witness the first installment of Shinary's Library with Richard Shinary and his guest, Colt Cabana.
This week, JP Simms defends his IFWA Heavyweight Title in a Triple Threat Match against Steve Arsenault and Julien Young. As well, Gary Williams and Tyler are under the same roof again. After the public meeting they had in the ring last week, will the power struggle between the two come to a head tonight?
This week, we are live from Cape Breton Nova Scotia and Gary Williams is here tonight. It was revealed that Gary Williams has become a key decision maker of the WrestleCentre Board of Directors in efforts to take Tyler, the Producer, out of power. Tyler and Gary plan to have a public discussion with each other live in the ring tonight.
This week, we feature the final installment of our Season Three Q&A series featuring Jake The Snake Roberts. We return to in ring action next week when we are live in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.
This week on Voltage, JP Simms calls out the WrestleCentre producer, Tyler, to fight him tonight in Kentville. How will Tyler react to JP's challenge? As well, what is the condition of Nick Diggz after the street fight he was involved in last week? Nick defends his IHWC Title in the main event against Speedball Mike Bailey.
This week on WrestleCentre Voltage, JP Simms is expected to speak live in the middle of the ring for the first time since he regained the IFWA Heavyweight Championship. However, it is rumoured that Jake Roberts is also in attendance and has something he wants to discuss with JP.
This week on Voltage, we see the fall out from the chaotic unpredictable events that took place last week. In the main event, Steve Arsenault faces Christopher Daniels to decide who will be the number contender to the new IFWA Heavyweight Champion, JP Simms.
Tonight promises to be a historic evening, as Christopher Daniels is live in Halifax. Christopher Daniels defends his IFWA Heavyweight Championship against Mr Energy Julien Young in tonight's main event. This is the biggest opportunity in Julien Young's character because he will become the leader of WrestleCentre if he is able to capture the IFWA title.
This week, we get to see Lucha Underground star John Hennigan like we have never seen him before on TV1 when he answers questions during this previously recorded Q&A held in Kentville Nova Scotia.
On this week's edition of Voltage, we see JP Simms finally get his opportunity to face IFWA Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels and the championship is on the line.
This week on Voltage Mr. Suave defends his newly won IHWC title against former ROH Champion Michael Elgin. Plus JP Simms & Chris Daniels are under the same roof for the first time since it was revealed that Daniels was responsible for attacking JP’s brother.
This week, Steve Arsenault faces Jeremy Prophet in the main event. Will Steve be able to put all of his emotions aside to focus on this challenge before him tonight? As well, Nick Diggz defends his IHWC Title.
This week, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts kicks off the show live inside the WrestleCentre ring. As well, Richard Shinary faces Chip Chambers in singles competition and Tommy Starr faces the students in a 2-on-1 handicap match.
On this week's episode of Voltage, the kid Dillon Sharpe is looking for a tag team partner as he was placed in a match by the Producer of WrestleCentre, Tyler, against Heel Faction's Matt Bullen and Titus.
On this week's episode of Voltage, we crown the first ever IHWC Champion in the first ever ladder match in WrestleCentre history when Mr. Suave Markus Burke faces Julien Young in the main event. As well, we see the building feud between XXL and Tommy Starr come to a head as they finally face off in a one-on-one match. All this, plus JP Simms' reaction of the shocking formation of Heel Faction!
Paul Phautly brings you highlights from the best of WrestleCentre in 2014 featuring AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Colt Cabana, Lance Storm, JP Simms, Titus and more.
This week, JP Simms kicks off the show tonight live in Kentville. As well, Nick Diggz is looking to settle his issues with Matt Bullen once and for all.
This week, WrestleCentre takes Voltage on the road and both Nick Diggz and Matt Bullen are under the same roof in Kentville tonight. No doubt, after what happened last week, tempers are going to flare up in this volatile situation.
This week on Voltage, WWE Hall of Famer and Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley makes his WrestleCentre debut. Also, Nick Diggz faces James Carr in a Last Man Standing Match.
In this double episode, the two best in-ring competitors in the world compete for the IFWA Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles takes on Christopher Daniels. Also, Tyler, the producer of WrestleCentre, continues to stack the deck against Young Dillon Sharpe as he has him scheduled to compete in two matches in the same night.
JP Simms finally battles Titus one on one where the winner faces off against Christopher Daniels in 2 weeks for the IFWA Heavyweight Title. Will JP Simms finally get the retribution he desperately seeks by defeating Titus and receive a chance to reclaim the IFWA title? Or have months of mind games taken their toll?
This week on Voltage, Riddick Stone gets the opportunity of his career to capture his first major singles championship. He faces IFWA Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels in tonight's main event.
Tonight, Heel Faction kicks off the show live in the ring. As well, Steve Arsenault gets his title match, which was promised to him by Tyler last week."
To ring in 2016 we bring you a special edition of WrestleCentre Voltage, which features a live intimate Q&A with former WWE Superstar Matt Sydal.
This week on Voltage, Colt Cabana returns to WrestleCentre and confronts Tommy Starr in the ring. As well, Markus Burke defends his IHWC title against Lincoln Steen.
This week on Voltage, Riddick Stone teams with Julien Young to face Heel Faction's Matt Bullen and the IFWA Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels.
We see the highly anticipated IFWA Heavyweight Championship match as Christopher Daniels defends his title against Lance Storm. We also hear from XXL regarding the attack on Nick Diggs by Tommy Starr and 'Greaser' James Carr. Plus, Carr is in action as he faces MMA star Rick Doyle in a match that has been building since the third episode of Voltage.
On this episode of Voltage, we will see the final semi-final match of the IHWC Title Tournament between Julien Young and Shane Stephens! The winner moves into the finals to face “Mr Suave” Markus Burke in a ladder match to crown the first ever IHWC Champion. Plus, the contract situation of Young Dillon Sharpe will be addressed.
This week, tensions rise between two best friends, as we see them settle their professional differences in the middle of the ring in our main event.
On Voltage this week, Steve Arsenault tries to put his personal issues aside as he looks to settle his professional differences with James Carr in our scheduled main event.
On tonight's Voltage, Mr. Energy Julien Young looks to defeat Shelton Benjamin to help elevate himself on the WrestleCentre roster. As well, Brett and Justin prepare to compete in their first ever match in the main event.
Tonight on Voltage, John Hennigan (otherwise known as Johnny Mundo) makes his debut against Markus Burke. As well, JP Simms makes his highly anticipated return to the WrestleCentre ring.
This week on Voltage, TNA World Champion Bobby Roode returns to where he got his start and answers the challenge issued by Titus four weeks ago. Also, Nick Diggz returns to action from injury.
In our latest episode, witness the fallout from JP Simms’ title loss as JP goes into a 2 on 1 handicap match against Titus and Matt Bullen.
For the first time in 2 years, a new I.F.W.A Heavyweight Champion will be crowned as Christopher Daniels battles Titus for the Championship that was vacated after JP Simms loss last week.
This week, we show part one of a special sit down interview with Steve 'XXL' Arsenault and in the main event Markus Burke defends his IHWC title.
WrestleCentre Voltage brings the best performers from North America to Bell TV1 and the Maritimes.
This week, international superstar Matt Sydal makes his WrestleCentre debut in the main event when he faces Steve Arsenault. Steve is looking to have his big WrestleCentre moment by beating Matt Sydal as an attempt to make his wife and kids proud of him once again.
I.F.W.A Heavyweight Champion JP Simms battles Matt Bullen! If JP loses under any circumstance he will be stripped of the I.F.W.A title, a championship JP has held for over 2 years.
After Brody Steele shocked the wrestling community last week by interrupting Gary Williams' farewell speech, Gary’s long-time rival but now close friend Dice has challenged Brody to a street fight on this episode of Voltage!
This week, Matt Bullen will be the Judge, Jury and Executioner when he takes Brett to Wrestler's Court inside the ring. As well, Titus will face Shane Stephens in the main event.
WrestleCentre Voltage returns to TV1 with the biggest main event to date when Christopher Daniels defends his IFWA Heavyweight Championship against Samoa Joe.
JP Simms defends his I.F.W.A Heavyweight Title against Petey Williams. Plus, "Wildman" Gary Williams enters the ring for the final time to say goodbye as he officially retires from wrestling in a special in-ring ceremony.
We have the fallout from last week’s show after Titus viciously attacked Derek Simms and snapped his neck with a chair. Derek's brother JP Simms is looking to repay the favor! Plus, Steve "XXL" Arsenault and Nick Diggz battle James Carr and Tommy Starr in tag team action!
On this season finale, Mouse and brand new WrestleCentre broadcaster Stoo Metz breakdown and discuss some of the happenings that occurred on Voltage.
On this special edition of WrestleCentre Voltage, we give you an exclusive, never before seen, intimate Q&A session with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.
In this editon of Voltage, see what happened at the end of last week’s show after the cameras stopped rolling! Plus, JP Simms confronts Titus as he seeks revenge for the attacks on his brother and the 6 foot 8, 300 pound monster Brody Steele makes his Voltage debut!
It’s a clash of champions as I.W.G.P Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles takes on JP Simms for his I.F.W.A Heavyweight Championship in the biggest match in Atlantic Canadian history. Plus, mentor and protégé collide as young Nick Diggz competes against his mentor and trainer Steve "XXL" Arsenault.
This week in the main event, who will accept Titus' open challenge? Also, it is revealed who will face Matt Sydal inside the WrestleCentre ring.
I.F.W.A Heavyweight Champion JP Simms has revenge on his mind after the assault of his brother Derek last week. Plus, AJ Styles is back! He’s ready to make the official challenge to JP Simms for the I.F.W.A Heavyweight Title.
WrestleCentre Voltage is a hard hitting wrestling show featuring the spectacular performers of WrestleCentre. In the debut episode, top wrestling talent from across North America converge on the Halifax Forum with hopes of earning a spot on the WrestleCentre roster. Featuring AJ Styles, JP Simms, Titus, Riddick Stone and more!

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