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We wrap up this season of Inside the AUS with a look back at the Winter 2017 Championship Season. We also check in with AUS alumni Thomas Waugh and Scott Noftall.
This week on Inside, we asked our correspondents about their favourite interviews from the 2016/2017 AUS Season! From football, to swimming to looking ahead at next year, looking back at Inside the AUS.
We're wrapping up Championship Season on Inside AUS! Featuring interviews from St FX's men's hockey win, highlights from Dal's bronze medal game at U Sports nationals. Finally, we check in with the Dalhousie swimming team.
It's a championship edition of Inside AUS! We're on the court post-game following the Subway AUS Women's Volleyball Final, and at Scotiabank Centre for the Subway AUS Men's and Women's Basketball Finals.
We take you inside a recent AUS press conference, with some exciting announcements for the 2017 Subway AUS Basketball Championship! AUS Championship coverage continues, with men's volleyball highlights of recent Player of the Game winner Pascal McCarthy. In Moncton, Roger Surette brings you sideline interviews from the Subway AUS Track and Field Championships.
We're gearing up for championship season on Inside the AUS! Raeesa visits with Dalhousie University Coaches Rick Plato and Rick Scott, and challenges them to sports trivia. Jordan Ellis chats with UPEI men's hockey forward Craig MacLauchlan.
This week on Inside AUS: Raeesa Lalani visits with Acadia Axewomen Basketball head coach Len Harvey, and player Chanel Smith. Scott Squires chats with Dal swimmer Phoebe Lenderyou at Dalplex.
We're pool-side and court-side this week on Inside the AUS! Our correspondents meet with the CBU women's basketball team, and members of the MUN men's and women's swim teams.
We're keeping the conversation going for Bell Let's Talk Day on Inside the AUS! Raeesa visits with members of SAMHI at Saint Mary's University. Later in the show, we were at the Forum with AUS fans, players and alumni as they share share what it means to open up and talk about mental health.
This week on Inside the AUS, we're at the AUS Football press conference, welcoming a new team into AUS football for next season! Jeremy Reynolds meets with St FX basketball player Chelsea Provo, and Mike Specht talks with members of the SMU men's hockey team.
This week, we're at home and on the road with the UNB Varsity Reds! Raeesa Lalani meets with members of the UNB women's volleyball team in Halifax. In Fredericton, Mike Specht talks with the Varsity Reds women's basketball team.
Happy New Year! Inside the AUS returns for 2017, featuring interviews with members of the St FX men's hockey team, and the MUN men's basketball team.
This week on Inside, we're taking a look back at the 2016 fall semester. Join Scott Squires and Raeesa Lalani for a recap and highlights of last semester.
This week on Inside the AUS, we're in attendance at the Dalhousie University Women in Spotlight Dinner! Then, it's time to ring in the festive season with some holiday-themed interviews at Memorial University and UPEI.
This week on Inside the AUS, we meet with the UNB men’s hockey team. Jeremy Reynolds talks with Brooklynn Wright of MUN Seahawks women’s basketball.
We're in the rink and courtside this week on Inside the AUS! Raeesa meets with the Dal Tigers men's hockey team, and Stephen Campbell talks to members of the UNB Varsity Reds Basketball program. In Moncton, Roger Surette talks to Paralympic Athlete Shayne Dobson, and leads a round table discussion with several past Université de Moncton Hockey coaches. (Moncton content presented in French)
We're at the Subway AUS Loney Bowl this week on Inside the AUS! Join us for post-game interviews, and a behind-the-scenes look at a TV1 sports broadcast.
We're off to the Subway AUS Soccer Championships this week on Inside the AUS, featuring highlights from the men's and women's finals. We also visit Mount Allison University for the AUS football semifinal.
We're off to the Subway AUS Championships this week on Inside the AUS, featuring highlights and interviews from both the Rugby and Cross Country Championships. Jeremy Reynolds meets with the Memorial University women's soccer team, and Raeesa Lalani talks with Acadia football coach Jeff Cummins.
This week, Jeremy Reynolds meets with Matt Power of Memorial University cross country. Raeesa Lalani is in Wolfville, NS with the Acadia women's soccer team.
We're on the road to Fredericton and Antigonish this week on Inside the AUS! Mike Specht visits the STU Alumni women's hockey game, and the UNB Varsity Reds men's soccer team. Raeesa Lalani interviews Olympian Eric Gillis at halftime, on homecomig weekend at StFX.
This week on Inside the AUS: Raeesa Lalani visits with the SMU football team, and we meet with the SMU men's hockey team. In New Brunswick, Roger Surette talks to the UdeM cross country team.
This week on Inside the AUS, we visit with the St FX football team, and coach Tye of Dalhousie women's soccer.
This week, we're on the campuses of SMU, MTA, and UdeM! Raeesa visits with Brock Berglund, QB for the Saint Mary's football team. Roger Surrette talks with the Université de Moncton women's soccer team. Mike Specht meets with members of the Mount Allison Mounties football team, and finds out what gets them fired up for a game!
This week we meet with AUS Executive Director Phil Currie, and Inside the AUS takes to the soccer field; meeting with the Université de Moncton men's team and the Saint Mary's University women's team.
Inside the AUS returns for the 2016/2017 season! TV1 analyst John MacNeil breaks down the upcoming football season, and we talk to the four Head Coaches of AUS Football.
It's a special summer episode of Inside the AUS! Join Scott Squires at the AUS Golf Classic at Glen Arbour golf course, as he visits with guests from various AUS schools.

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