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The Maine Brewers' Guild explains how to make government listen when lobbying for changes to the policies that control the brewing industry. Back in New Brunswick, brewers share what makes them unique and potential tourism hot spots. The series concludes with the New Brunswick Craft Alcohol Producers' Association sharing where they're at with NB Liquor and whether there is hope for the future of the industry in NB.
Picaroons Brewery helps mentor new breweries instead of competing. A New Brunswick man is fined for illegally importing alcohol into the province and begins a massive legal battle that could shake the country. Import/export laws are questioned, and we examine the neighbouring industries in Nova Scotia and Maine as the race to be Canada's east coast beer destination continues.
We explore offshoot industries from the craft beer industry, as well as what leads to a healthy industry and its economic impact. Fredericton is used as a model for a successful NB industry, and stakeholders talk about supporting local and what needs to change for growth to happen. Flying Boats Brewing in Dieppe shares their story and where they see themselves growing.
We talk about the history of craft brewing in New Brunswick, speak with Moosehead and an Alpine fan, introduce NB Liquor’s role in regulating alcohol, meet producers of cider and mead, and talk about job creation resulting from craft beer and offshoot industries.

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