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Concluding thoughts: why study food and culture?
What is the Most Important Rule in The Game of Life?
When Does Suicide Present a Philosophical Question?
Week 10: March 13 - What Does it Mean to Live in Hell?
Week Eleven (March 22) Food as hobby
Week Ten (March 15) Indigenous food and emerging cuisine
What is an Existentialist?
Does Radical Evil Destroy the Meaning of Life
How Can I Unlock My Potential?
Refreshed and Hungry
What is the Secret of Optimism?
- What Makes a Life Story Meaningful?
Do Our Dreams Possess Meaning?
Week 5: February 8 - Could You Live Your Life With No Regrets?
Week Six (February 8) Local eateries
- Discussion of Essays (On-Line Credit Students Included but of no Interest for Others)
Week 4: January 30 - What Is The Stoic Attitude To Life?
Week 3: January 25 - What Does a Wasted Life Feel Like?
Week Four (January 25) Recipes as inheritance: legacies of taste.
Do We Need to “Disconnect” to Find Meaning in Life?
Week Three (January 18) Recipes as inheritance: becoming a provider
Do We Need to “Disconnect” to Find Meaning in Life?
What Does It Mean To Live For The Moment?
Week Two (January 11) What are “traditional” foodways?
Life in General? It's a Comedy!
Week 1 - Class 1 - What is the meaning of life?
Week 1 - What is Foodways?

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