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Year: 2016
Producer: Kelly Michael Stewart, Jen Gorman, R.X. Zammit
Genre: Entertainment

Host Kelly Michael Stewart introduces you to the people behind the horror and thriller films from the Blood In The Snow Film Festival. Find out how they got in the industry, and why they love it so much.


Season 2

Episode 1

Celebrating women in film, and their Philipino heritage, Kelly Michael Stewart speaks with two talented and ambitious filmmakers: Larica Perera and Bea Macapagal. Specializing in short films and web series, Larica and Bea are now ready to take on feature films.

Episode 2

What do zombies, Christmas, and puppets have in common in horror films? Meet director Greg Kovacs and producer Darren Hutchings as they discuss their horror movies, and their interesting twist on the genre.

Episode 3

The actor and director relationship is quite unique in each film. Meet director Gabriel Carrer and actor Ry Barrett, who have worked together on five films. Your host Kelly sits down with the dynamic duo to understand how their relationship has led to the success of their films.

Episode 4

Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald are the founders of Black Fawn Films. Producing and directing films that are getting the attention of a lot of people at film festivals, sit down with these two talented individuals to learn how they have made a name for themselves in the indie horror genre.

Episode 5

Kelly Michael Stewart sits down with director and writer Richard Powell, and producer Zach Green. Making ambitious horror films, they are leaving an impression on critics and audiences alike.

Episode 6

Collaborating on a film is a tough challenge in itself, but can you imagine working on it with your husband or wife? Kelly gets to know the husband and wife duos Greg Jeffs and Colette Jeffs as well as Kat Threlkelo and Lance Fernandes to figure out how they have made it work so well.

Season 1

Episode 1

Sit down with actress/producer Brigitte Kingsley from the fantasy thriller Medium Raw and horror film Dark Rising. Learn about the challenges she faces in the film industry, and how she is evolving as a filmmaker.

Episode 2

Get up close and personal with filmmaker Chris Alexander, recently the Editor in Chief of Fangoria. Chris brings his intimate visions to life on screen, giving you a real look of what goes on inside his head.

Episode 3

Christopher Giroux talks about how he started in the film industry, and gives insight on what producers really do behind the scenes. How does he do it - completing 8 films in 2 years and running an annual film festival?

Episode 4

What inspired filmmaker Justin McConnell to work on the documentary Clapboard Jungle? Take a look at his film The Collapsed, which was a winner in numerous film festivals, and the documentary Skull World.

Episode 5

Kelly introduces you to Ryan M. Andrews. What does being a director mean to him, and how has he succeeded as an independent filmmaker? Plus get the inside scoop on his biggest horror film to date, Save Yourself.

Episode 6

Tricia Lee is an independent film director. Her horror movie Clean Break takes the crazy girlfriend stereotype to an extreme; see what inspired the thriller Silent Retreat, and get a sneak peek of her new film One Drop.

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